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Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister John Key met for talks during the Disarmament Summit in The Hague on 25 March.



The Embassy will be closed on 18.4.2014 (Good Friday), 21.4.2014 (Easter Monday) and 25.4.2014 (Anzac Day).

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German Ambassador opens two Exhibitions

German Ambassador Dr. Anne-Marie Schleich recently opened two exhibitions created by German artists and shown for the first time in New Zealand.

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Hanover Messe 2014 showcases cutting edge technology

The Hanover Messe is the world’s largest industrial trade fair. Some 5000 exhibitors are taking part this year, and there’s a lot of interest in how fast the networking of industrial processes is proceeding. They call the phenomenon industry 4.0.

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Official Meeting of Foreign Minister McCully and Foreign Minister Steinmeier

The Foreign Minister of New Zealand, Mr. Murray McCully and the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, met in the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin on March 21.

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The CeBIT tech fair reinvents itself

It’s a transformation, from a consumer event to a trade fair only. The CeBit technology fair successfully changed course in 2014. The fair saw investments swell by 25 percent to 25 billion euros. It’s focus this year: Datability.

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Germany's Energiewende - the energy revolution - up close.

The goal of Germany's Energiewende, or energy tranformation, is very clear. To make energy production in Germany sustainable and act responsibly for subsequent generations. The target: by 2014, 80 percent of Germany's electricity should be from renewables. Some towns in Germany are way ahead of the game. Take Wolfhagen in the state of Hesse, where the energy revolution has already taken place.

VIS - Visa Information System


The Visa Information System (VIS) is an IT system that allows Schengen States to exchange visa data. The main purpose of the VIS is to simplify the visa issuance process, facilitate checks at external borders and to enhance security for everyone involved, including applicants.

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Samoan Head of State visits Germany

Samoan Head of State His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, accompanied by his wife Her Highness Masiofo Filifilia Tamasese, paid a visit to Germany in late January at the invitation of the German Government.

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Life Swap

Life Swap is a series of short animated Skype conversations between two young men, Jörg, 27, from Münster, Germany and Duncan, 27, from Wellington, New Zealand. Facing their respective quarter life crises, Jörg and Duncan decided it was time for a change. They spontaneously bought plane tickets to the other side of the world and are now signed up to live each other's lives for a whole year. Excited? Curious? Find out more on the Goethe-Institut's website by following Jörg's and Duncan's most recent Skype-conversation about their adventures in "Good Old Germany" and "The Land of the Long White Cloud".


Jubilee Gala in Auckland

30 years of the New Zealand German Business Association (NZGBA) in New Zealandwere recently celebrated with a Black Tie Gala event at the Langham Hotel in Auckland.

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Trailer "This is Germany"

Get to know Germany inside out - on the German Foreign Ministry's YouTube channel.

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The Federal Foreign Office on YouTube


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Comedy in Germany

The Germans are'nt really known for their sense of humour. After all, laughter has little to do with the virtues often associated with us: discipline and punctuality. But do some serious study on the subject... and you'll find that we Germans DO like a laugh.

Time and weather in Germany

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European Elections 2014

Gewählt ist gewählt

Find out more about the European Elections 2014 on our German website.

Commemoration of the First World War

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I. It gives us cause to reflect on the immeasurable suffering inflicted during the war years and the post-war period.

60 years of official New Zealand-German Diplomatic Relations

On November 10, 1953, diplomatic relations were first established between New Zealand and the Federal Republic of Germany. Since those early beginnings, the world has changed in innumerable ways; but the relationship between our two countries has strengthened and expanded steadily.

60th Anniversary Film

The film "Far Apart - Close at Heart" vividly illustrates the extraordinary diversity of relations between New Zealanders and Germans.

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Visitor,                 Kia Ora and a warm welcome to the website of the German Embassy in Wellington. As the German Ambassador to New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu, I extend to you my warmest personal greetings.

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