New Zealand Science Minister visits Research Vessel SONNE

Science Minister Goldsmith at the GEOMAR ROV Enlarge image (© German Embassy) The New Zealand Minister for Science and Innovation, Hon Paul Goldsmith, visited the research vessel SONNE on 23 January 2017 in Auckland. Accompanied by the ship's master, Lutz Mallon, and by Dr Thomas Henzschel, Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy, he explored the ship from the top bridge down to the machine hall and showed himself very much impressed by the sophistication and capacities of the German research fleet's flag ship. Prof Simon, Minister Goldsmith, Kapitän Mallon Enlarge image (© German Embassy)

Dr Cornel de Ronde (GNS) explains research cruise SO253 Enlarge image (© German Embassy)

Dr Cornel de Ronde (GNS Science, New Zealand), who just attended together with 4 other New Zealand scientists research cruise SO253, explained the first results from the latest underwater surveys in the New Zealand Kermadec Arc (please also refer to the expedition blog: Expeditionsblog )

Prof Meinhard Simon (ICBM Oldenburg, Science Chief SO254) briefed the minister about the upcoming research cruise SO254, that will see the ship exploring towards more southern waters before the ship will return to Auckland in a couple of weeks time for refuelling and another rotation of its scientific crew. Prof Simon (ICBM) responds to media questions Enlarge image (© German Embassy)

Science Minister Goldsmith visits RV SONNE


Press Release - Minister Goldsmith to visit R/V SONNE

Research Vessel Sonne

NZ Minister for Science & Innovation, Hon Paul Goldsmith, will visit R/V SONNE on 23 January 2017 in Auckland

German Research Fleet

R/V Maria S. Merian

In the field of basic marine research, Germany has a very efficient fleet of research vessels at its disposal. As universal platforms, the vessels facilitate research in all marine science disciplines and in the waters of all oceans. More information on the fleet can be found here