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For German residents abroad, the Embassy is the first point of contact with their home country with regard to many consular matters. The Embassy provides information in German concerning


Family Matters (e.g. marriage, divorce, birth, inheritance)

German Citizenship (also „Beibehaltungsgenehmigung“)

Consular Assistance

Customs Regulations

and many other consular matters. Please note that you will need to book an appointment for visa applications and German passport/ID-card applications with our online appointment booking

To protect your privacy please note we cannot grant access to the Embassy more than five minutes before your appointment.

Please note that due to security concerns larger bags (larger than a standard handbag or briefcase or a day pack) cannot be brought onto the Embassy premises. Please make arrangements to leave larger bags in safe storage elsewhere. Luggage storage facilities are available at Wellington International Airport, at Hotel  Waterloo opposite the Wellington Railway Station and at the Interislander Ferry Terminal.

Please use the following link to our German website for the different fact sheets and application forms:

Legal and Consular Matters (in German)

Children born abroad to German parents not automatically German

Neugeborene in der Klinik Enlarge image (© dpa/pa-ZB)

Under certain circumstances, a child born to German parents abroad will NOT automatically acquire German nationality.

More information:

Antragsformular Schengenvisum

Visa Information

Are you planning to go to Germany? Please read the following section of our website carefully to determine if a visa is required for your stay. The Embassy will guide you through the visa process. All visa application forms can be downloaded free of charge.

Visa Information

Police Clearance Certificates

Police clearance certificates  can be applied for directly with the "Bundesamt für Justiz" in Germany. The necessary certification of your signature on the application form can be done by a  notary public, any police station, the German Honorary Consuls or the Embassy in Wellington itself. 

For a certification by the Embassy you need to come in person to the Embassy during the opening hours with your passport and the form. The fee for this certifcation is payable in New Zealand Dollars and is based on the current exchange rate of Euro 20. The German Embassy accepts payments in cash, by cheque or credit card. Payments by EFTPOS are not possible.

Euro Scheine und Münzen

Obligation to declare cash or equivalent funds on entering, leaving or travelling within the EU

Any person holding cash or equivalent funds to the value of € 10,000 or more entering Germany from a country outside the European Union or leaving Germany for such a country is obliged to declare these funds to the relevant German customs authority in writing and without being prompted.

German Pensions in New Zealand

In accordance with article 18, para 2 of the Agreement dated 20 October 1978 on the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Tax Evasion concerning the Taxation of Income and some other Taxation between the Federal Republic of Germany and New Zealand, the following shall apply: “Regularly or irregularly received income from social insurance or other similar income which either one of the countries in the Agreement, one of its states, local, regional or government authorities pay out to the recipient, can only be taxed in and by that same country. This means that German pensions are not - and must not be - subject to taxation in New Zealand. 

Insofar as the German pensions are taken into account in calculating the New Zealand taxation, objection might be raised against this taxation assessment with reference to the above Agreement. In some cases, a claim can be lodged for the reimbursement of taxation levied in the past. 

With reference to article 18, para 2 of the German-New Zealand Agreement and to section CH 1(1) (section 65(2)(j) Income Tax Act 1976), the New Zealand IRD Tax Information Bulletin: Volume Seven, No. 3 (September 1995) states the following: “A double tax agreement overrides the domestic law of the contracting states, so the pension received is not taxable in New Zealand. Any taxpayer who has been assessed with tax in New Zealand on his or her pension from the German Bundesversicherungsanstalt, should apply to the local Inland Revenue office for a reassessment.”

More information (in German)


The Embassy accepts payments by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) up to a maximum amount of EUR 1000. You cannot dispute a completed transaction. Your credit card will be debited in Euro. Banks outside of the Euro-Zone may add additional fees for this transaction. Refunds to your credit card are not possible. Any refund will be paid out in cash only. Transaction detail will appear as on your credit card statement.

Online Appointment Booking System for Passport and Visa Applications


You will need an appointment to apply for a visa or a German passport/ID-card. Appointments can be booked online using the following link:


To protect your privacy please note we cannot grant access to the Embassy more than five minutes before your appointment. We kindly ask not to bring bigger pieces of luggage like suitcases or backpacks as they are not allowed onto the premises of the embassy.

VIS - Visa Information System


Applications for visitor visas (Schengen Visas) have to be submitted in person at the German Embassy Wellington. Fingerprints will be taken. 

Children under the age of 12 and persons for whom the collection of fingerprints is physically impossible are exempt from the fingerprinting requirement.

All applications for residence permits (long term visas including Working Holiday Visas) have to be submitted in person at the German Embassy Wellington. 

New Zealand citizens can also apply for their necessary residence permit within 90 days of arrival in Germany at the local immigration office.

The German Embassy will generally accept visa applications three months before entry into Germany at the earliest.

Please see the link below for further details.